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Token Rewards provides awesome merchandise and incredible time saving solutions for any size kids & teens reward store.



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Save 8-10 employee hours this month!

With our amazing SimpleStockTM service just tell us how much you need each month in rewards and a little about who the rewards are for.

We then make sure your store on-site is always stocked with new arrivals, trendy goods and other exciting merchandise everyone is going to love. We also tag it all with your token prices to save you and your team an enormous amount of time and energy!

BONUS! Receive FREE shipping on $200 orders.

Huge Variety.
Amazing Fulfillment.
Excellent Service.

Our awesome merchandise, great prices,
and smart fulfillment make us the number one source for all student reward programs.

K-12 Online Reward Store

No Shopping. No Pricing. No Stocking. No Space.


We make it FREE and simple to let K-12 students shop for their rewards in a safe and secure online store where your school name and token prices are displayed. Your team awards the tokens and our team takes care of everything else. Did we mention using our platform is free?  Learn more...

PROMOSHIPTM Experience how easy we make offering an online reward store 
and receiving your student orders. PROMOSHIP - Get FREE shipping on your first delivery of online student orders shipped to one location! Psst...There's no fee for your store! Learn More...

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