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Knowing every aspect of your token economy ensures success!

Participants, Goals, and Tokens

Create unlimited participants, design and print tokens, points, or stars, and create individual and group goals.

Administer Your Program

Determine how much a token is worth, award participants, and set up auto-notifications to parents when goals are met.

See All Activity

View goal achievements and rewards purchased, see when rewards arrive, and know your exact program cost.
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Enjoy a free and easy solution to offer rewards in your own online store.

Display Your Token Prices

Token Reward gives you the ability to offer rewards online while displaying your token prices.

Many Great Rewards!

We offer a great selection of rewards in toys, sporting goods, electronics and more and starting at 75 cents up to $200.

Showcase Your Own Rewards!

If there are rewards you would like to supply, we made it easy for you to do just that. Upload an image of your reward, apply a description, and set the token price. It will appear in your Shop right away. When one's purchased, we notify you so you may immediately deliver it.
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Token Rewards fulfillment service makes your store a success!
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We Help Select Rewards!

Token Rewards offers our Buying Assistance service to help take the guess work out of what rewards to buy for your store.

We Price Tag Every Reward!

We prepare each reward with a price tag clearly showing your token price.

Token Reward Guarantee

We are confident our selection of rewards for your store will sell.
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Auto-Stock Your Reward Store

We specialize in knowing what motivates kids and teens. For more than two decades, thousands of reward stores have utilized our Reward Merchandise Fulfillment Service. This service assists busy administrators, instructors, and parents in keeping their reward stores stocked full of fun, motivating and lost cost rewards.

Token Rewards is your one stop token economy reward source!

Free Merchandise Selection And Preparation Assistance

Your reward store can always look full, fresh, and exciting without doing any shopping or tagging of rewards with token prices!

To prepare your order, a purchasing specialist will need to know:
  • How many unique reward items you want in your store.
  • The amount budgeted for your reward store.
  • How many tokens/points/stars/credits equal one dollar.
  • A break down of your shopper's ages and genders.
  • Any other reward preferences (likes and dislikes) we must address.
Once your order is prepared, the specialist will send you an e-mail listing the items selected for your store. You can call-in or reply with any changes to the order you may want before final purchase, preparation and shipment.

Your Token Prices Clearly Visible

As our dedicated warehouse staff prepares your order for delivery, each item is tagged with a token price using your exchange rate. When you receive the shipment tailored for your store, all that is needed is to unbox the rewards and put them on your store's shelves.

Token Rewards Selection Guarantee

With this specialized service, we guarantee our selection of rewards we send you will sell to your students, patients, etc. We are very proud of our knowledge and selection. Less than 2% of rewards are ever sent back to us for credit.

D.I.Y. Shopping

If you decide to do your own shopping in our online catalog, we will still tag each of your items and ship them to you. Our guarantee does not apply to this service, but our quality control and tagging is still complimentary to help you save time.

Our Low Pricing Fills Your Store On A Budget

We strive to provide the lowest possible prices on rewards and are always negotiating with our suppliers to achieve this goal.


Show Program Goals and Rewards Online!

With Token Rewards' Online Shop and powerful Administrator's Web Application, you have a hassle free solution to offer rewards in an online store featuring your program's title, prices, and participant goals. The Online Shop is an exciting stand alone reward store or a great compliment to an on-site reward store. Likewise, the Admin application is an immediate solution to tracking token balances and general progress of your program's participants.

Kids Love It!

It's easy to start your program.

Display Your Token Prices

Whether it is 10 tokens, 35 points, or maybe 100 stars equaling one dollar's worth in merchandise, our systems are built to accommodate the unique pricing need of any reward program.

Great Reward Selection

The default merchandise offered in your online reward store is a great selection of quality rewards provided by the Token Rewards Warehouse starting at 75 cents up to $200. We include the latest in electronics, toys, sporting goods and other cool items your participants will love!
You can disable our merchandise to showcase just your own rewards.

Showcase Your Own Rewards

If there are rewards you would like to supply, so we made it easy for you to do just that. Upload an image of your reward, apply a description, and set the token price. It will appear in your Shop right away. When one's purchased, we notify you so you may immediately delivery it.

Present Program Goals and Awards

Create group and individual goals your participants see when they are shopping. Once a goal's objectives are achieved, the participant is presented with an award.

You can also set a limit to the number of the times a participant may be awarded for an achieved goal as well as set a deadline for when the objectives must be completed.

Reward Shipments

Choose where you want your participants to receive their rewards. We can ship the Token Rewards merchandise redeemed by participants to one main location or directly to their home addresses. The choice is yours and we'll find the lowest possible shipping rates for you.

Administer Your Program

Our comprehensive suite of Token Economy Tools at work great with all motivational reward programs, big or small. Families can use the basic tools to simply keep record of their children's token balances, goals and custom rewards.

Large institutional programs can separate participants into classes and allow multiple administrators to manage their own classes, participants, goals, and rewards.

Sign up for our Online Recognition and Rewards program today. It's quick, easy and free!

Token Economy
Administration Tools

Administer Your Program

Our comprehensive suite of Token Economy Administrative Tools work great with any motivational reward program. Easily keep record of all your participants and their token balances.

You can quickly deposit and withdraw tokens with a customized description, track whose earning and spending their tokens, and set goals and awards to earn tokens.

Quickly Create Participants

You can add an unlimited number of participants. For each participant, you can record their name, class, age, e-mail address and shipping address.

Setup Goals for Success

Create unlimited goals each with an award amount. Goals made be made for an entire group or for one individual. These goals will appear in the respective participants Shop area.

When a goal is achieved, acknowledge it online or hand deliver a paper certificate of the award. Participant's and their parents are notified with an exciting email.

Print Currency and Awards

A variety of ways to acknowledge achievements and award tokens are available to meet each of your participant's needs. Printing general token amounts or goal achievement award certificates is made simple with our Certificate Wizard.

Directly depositing tokens, granting an award for a goal that is met, or just handing out tokens, an email is generated and automatically sent to both the participant and the parents.

Get Started With One of Our Services...

To sign up, select a service option, enter your name and e-mail address then click the button to continue.
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Required - In case there are any problems with your account or merchandise shipments.

Required - Your organization, agency, school, office, family name or whatever fits best.
Examples: Lincoln Middle School, Smiles Orthodontics, Smith Family, Super Tutors!, etc.

Required - Any combination of at least six numbers, letters and/or symbols.
You will need this password to access

Click the one you use. If you use a currency name not listed, please let us know!

  (1 token = )
If you're unsure, leave the exchange rate at 15 tokens per dollar. We can change it later.

Information Needed to Prepare Your Trial Shipment

Tell us the preferences and dislikes for your reward store. Our policy is to not sell any violent, obscene, or edible items. We also limit each item's price to under $20.

Optional, yet recommended so we can select a
fitting gender-age balance of rewards.
Ages MaleFemale
Under 10
10 to 12
13 to 15
16 and Over
Total Shoppers:  
Bdgt. per Shopper: 

Click the button below to have a specialist prepare your order. Within 24 hours, you will be sent an e-mail listing the selected rewards items to be tagged with your prices (in token values) and shipped to your location. Email or call us at (800) 926-9194 with any changes or questions you might have.

Creating Account...Done.
Sending Welcome Mail...Done.
Sending Order Request to Specialist...Done.
You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours detailing the Trial Order. It will list each of the items a purchasing specialist has selected to be tagged at your exchange rate and shipped to your location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call (800) 926-9294.

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Sending Sample Award Notification...Done.
Sending Welcome Mail...Done.
Your new Administrator account has been created and populated with some sample data to get you started. You should have also received two more e-mails from Token Rewards.

One e-mail is an award notification for a sample participant using your e-mail address. This sample participant has been granted an award for completing a sample goal titled "Sign Up for Token Rewards". Hence, the award notification. This e-mail contains a link to automatically log you into using the sample participant's account.

The other e-mail will have the subject line "Welcome to". This e-mail contains a link to automatically log into where you add more participants, goals, rewards and much more.

You can also log into either (as an administrative Super User) or (as the sample participant) using your e-mail address and password you entered earlier.
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About Token Rewards

Token Rewards Service

Token Rewards creates a customized rewards program enabling organizations to provide students with immediate feedback and generate increased performance in areas determined to help the student succeed. Using a combination of redeemable tokens, online and printable award certificates, email notifications to students and guardians, and an exciting student user profile with a catalog of quality rewards, clients dramatically improve student engagement and increase academic or behavioral achievements. With Token Rewards services, administering the details of a full-featured motivational, recognition and rewards program, clients can now focus on what they do best: delivering quality instruction to students.

Our underlying mission of automating frequent and consistent acknowledgement of achievements supports client efforts in creating exciting collaboration between students and their teachers and guardians. By publishing goals to encourage assignment completion, frequent participation, perfect attendance, positive behavior, and skill mastery into achievable tasks along with recognition of individual progress, student's self-esteem soars and they gain the confidence necessary for success.

Our warehouses have shipped over $10 million in rewards to over 1500 clients worldwide. We have consistently provided on-time reward shipments to clients for nearly 20 years. And we are very proud of our record for being an industry innovator.

Token Rewards Warehouse Merchandise

Earned tokens are redeemable in our exclusive youth base reward store we build for each client's program. Our reward merchandise consist of items priced as low as 75 cents for immediate gratification and up to $200 for big savers and contest prize winners. All categories covering Toys, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Arts & Crafts, School Supplies, Room Decorations and Fashion Accessories are showcased and we constantly introduce new items to meet new trends and popular requests. We handle all the fulfillment of participant orders containing Token Rewards' merchandise and ship them directly to the client's location. Our prices on rewards are great and each student's order is individual bagged and labeled with their name and class for easy distribution.

If desired, client shops can feature their own branded rewards, such as school Spirit Shirts, or other types of rewards, such as AR bookmarks and movie passes. clients do the simple fulfillment after being notified by our systems. For unique clients restricted to organizational policies or by choice on their own, they have the flexibility to only offer rewards they choose to show in their shop. If there are specific items we sell and clients wants to feature them in their shop, we have a great bulk pricing program to accommodate this need.

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