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Great News! Admin.Token's successor is now live at!
There's no need to create a new account or re-enter any data. Sign into TokenTap with the same email and password you use here to access your reward program.

Please note however, will no longer receive any upgrades. We recommend migrating to TokenTap as soon as you're ready. Most of Admin.TokenRewards will remain backward-compatible for the foreseeable future, but some features have been regrettably disabled or removed to remain compatible with the upgraded student reward shop and all new Token Rewards account portal at

Along with or your reward shop's custom URL (if you have one), students can now also sign in at and directly from the landing pages of and

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Welcome to Token Rewards Administration Application
Every tool to create, implement and manage a motivational reward program is available here!
Add and manage your participants. Quickly deposit tokens into participant accounts.
Create and publish goals for academic, behavioral, or other achievements. Customize awards for each goal.
Optionally print tokens on customizable certificates to be handed out for immediate gratification.
My Shop
Create your own custom rewards and view the online shop as your participants see it.
View deposits, withdrawals, and reward purchases for participants by date range and class.
Optionally purchase rewards from the Token Rewards Warehouse catalog to be shipped to your location.
Each reward is individually tagged at your exchange rate and ready for display at your on-site reward shop.
Create user accounts, view your shipping schedule and configure other administrative settings.
Quickly see in detail any pending orders, invoices and payments made to your account.
If something is missing or disabled, it's because Admin.TokenRewards has a new successor!
Sign in at to see the new features!
Inactive Goals
My Shop allows you to view and create rewards for your participants at You currently have no custom rewards to display to your participants.

A Custom Reward is something you create to offer a unique item or experience. Example custom rewards could be:
  • Movie Ticket for 1000
  • Gas Certificate for 500
  • One Hour of Free Time for 30
You may add an image, description, and set the value of a reward.

When one of your participants buys a Custom Reward in the Shop, an optional e-mail can be sent to you to fulfill their request. Check the "Notify" tab when creating your custom reward.

Click here to create your own custom reward!
(enlarge image) Categories: Item ID:
Quickly remove or show all Warehouse Reward Merchandise in your participant shop by clicking one of the following buttons:

Warehouse Merchandise

Warehouse Merchandise

Direct to Participant Shipping Fees
Percent of an Order's Shipping Fee to Cover
Warehouse Summary:

Total warehouse items in your participant shop:

New Token Rewards Warehouse Merchandise will NOT automatically be displayed in your shop.
Hide "Limit Total" rewards where QOH = 0?

Hide rewards having "Do not show..." checked?

Note: The participant shop always hides custom rewards having QOH=0 and/or "Do not show..." checked. These settings here are for the Admin's view of the Shop in this browser only.
You may offer gift cards to those participants who have verified their e-mail address. Token Rewards charges a 22% service fee for gift cards which is included in the participant's price.

(e.g. One $10 card ( ) will cost participants .)

Do you want to offer gift cards in your shop?

Activity from through for class posted by
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Transaction Summary ( Participants)
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Only the latest 1000 of transactions are displayed.
Posted Participant Description Amount
Show participant purchases from through for class
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Purchase Date Participant Item Qty Invoice Delivered
Enter Certificate Code To Lookup:

Award Amount:
Award Title:
Expires (must redeem by):
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Class Assigned Upon Redemption:
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Program Totals
- Spent/Withdrawn:
- Spent/Pending:
(Dollar figures rounded and calculated at current exchange rate of )

Outstanding (includes inactive participants):

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Set Budget Show Budget Graph
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Search Rewards:
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Shipments are schedule to arrive: 

Please contact us to change the landing days of your automated shipping schedule, fine tune when your upcoming shipments should arrive, or extend to the online order deadline for any particular shipment.
Contact us to have shipments sent on or around specified days. A regular shipment schedule is a great way to keep participants motivated all year round.

Also, having a set shipping schedule means you won't have to go to the Warehouse area and "Checkout" your shopping cart. Instead our staff will validate your participant orders, informing you of any oddities or inconsistencies before they submit the shopping cart for you!
UPS requires X transit time (business days, weekends and U.S. federal holidays excluded) for deliveries from the Token Rewards warehouse to your location. The warehouse needs at least two business days to process and pack orders. The online order deadline is the day prior to when an order begins processing, which can be a weekend or holiday.

Upcoming Shipments:
Scheduled Arrival Actual Arrival UPS Pickup/
Leaves Warehouse
Deadline for
Online Orders
You have no upcoming shipments scheduled. Contact us to schedule some!
Shipping Schedule Displayed at
The next shipment should arrive: No Date Set
Orders placed today should arrive: 
For the XX/XX shipment, you must order by: No Date Set
Contact us soon if you need to change your shipping schedule or extend the current online order deadline.
Fulfillment Budget
Monthly Reward Budget: 

If you run an on-site reward shop, you may want to inquire about the Scheduled Fulfillment services offered by Token Rewards.

Each shipment's reward selection is chosen by a professional Token buyer and the rewards we choose are based on your program's population and budget per student. We also go the extra step and tag every reward with your token price, plus guarantee the sell of each item. Of course if your students also order online in the Shop, we will include those orders and label them with the student's name for easy identification.

Contact us to learn more about this unique service and to speak to one of our professionals to answer any questions you may have.
Current Fulfillment Population
Last Updated:  
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16 and Over
Total Population:  
Reward Provider Name
Your Reward Provider Name is displayed at the shop, on award certificates and in award notification emails to participants and their related contacts.
Change Reward Provider Name...
Default Distribution Limits
Defaults are applied to new participants and administrators.
Click "Update Existing" button to overwrite all existing limits to the default limits.

Awarded Units and Exchange Rate
Award Unit Name:
Exchange Rate: = $1
For security reasons, please contact us to change your award units or exchange rate.

New Shop Accounts E-mail Option
When participants create an account using a certificate code, you have the option to require an e-mail address before they may begin spending their .
Billing Information
Billing Address Label:
Billing Contact:

Shipping Information
Shipping Address Label:
Shipping Contact:

Contact Name*:
E-mail Address:

Mailing Address*:
Zip/Postal Code*:
* Indicates a required entry.
Latest Payment:
Account Balance:
Date Invoice # Tracking Numbers (UPS) Shipping Total
SubmittedRelated Invoice BudgetTotal

Optimal Image:
288 X 288 pixels
.GIF or .PNG file type

(enlarge image) Category:

Eligible participants can see this goal/award and redeem its certificates at Eligible participants can view and purchase this reward at
Only those participants in the eligible classes below can view this goal and receive its associated award. Only those participants in the eligible classes below can view and purchase this reward.
Add an eligibile class:
Class and Active Participant Count Assign?
Note: The "Assign" checkbox allows new partici­pants and/or existing participants without an assigned class to redeem certificates for this award. Those participants are assigned to the class when they deposit a certificate for this award.
Eligible participants, regardless of class assignment, can view and receive this areward. It is not necessary to add participants assigned to an eligible class.
Add Eligible Participant:
Please narrow your search (keep typing the name or code).
No participant name or code was found.
Code Name Classes Balance
Code Name Classes Balance
Award Preview:
Displayed below how this award will appear
at when goal is:
Participant Qty Last AwardedPurchased Balance
Select the administrative users who should be notified via e-mail and/or login alert when this reward is purchased by participants.

User Name E-mail Alert Login Alert Certificate
Date Participant Qty Amt User-Certificate Delivered
Typical users do not need to adjust these settings.

This setting is for advanced users who know HTML & CSS and want to futher customize the areward. Contact us if you want to learn more about this feature.

Plain Text Title: (Value has been altered.)
The plain text title is used for notification email subject lines and entries on participant ledgers. Adjust this only when necessary. It should read the same as the Title, having extra spaces, line breaks and all HTML removed.

GoalReward Created:
GoalReward Updated:
Goal or Task Title: (Required)
Reward Name: (Required)
Details: (objectives, instructions, etc.) Reward Description:
to be Earned: Price in :
How many?
How many? Remaining/QOH:
Active Inactive
Account Code:
First/Nick Name:
E-mail Address:
Assigned Classes:

No Assigned Classes
Administrative Notes
Rewards Shipped To:

Custom ID/User Name:
Posted  Description  
Deposits: Withdrawals: Pending: Balance:
Goal Details
Goal Awarded
Total Pending: ,
Total Orders: ,
Family contacts receive an email when the participant is awarded tokens.
Name Relationship Email Address

Ordered By:
Price Each:
Your Price!
Click the check mark after you have delivered the purchased custom reward.
Click the trash can to cancel (delete) the participant's order.
Date Purchased Participant Item Purchased
To see all previous orders at go to Activity->Order History.
Find: Selected:
Class Participants
Assigned Classes: 0
Class/Group Name
User Name*:
First initial & last name displayed to participants if no title entered.
Title (optional):
If entered, displayed to participants instead of User Name.
Phone (optional):

E-Mail Address*: verified
Note: User will be emailed his/her password.
Verified e-mail addresses can only be changed by their respective users.

User Role:
Manageable Classes:
Super Users have unlimited privileges.
  • Create and manage participants, goals, and custom rewards for any and all classes.
  • Add, edit, and delete class groups.
  • Create new administrative users, edit the "manageable classes" for any user, as well as inactivate old users.
  • Access the Warehouse, Settings, and Billing areas of
Class Administrators have limited privileges.
  • Create and manage participants, goals, and custom rewards only for their assigned "manageable" classes and/or participants in those classes.
  • Access only the Participants, Goals, Currency, Activity and My Shop areas of
  • Class Administrators cannot access the Warehouse, Settings, and Billing areas.
A confirmable e-mail address is required. The e-mail address entered is invalid. Address is valid, click "Send Confirmation Code" to continue.
Delivering Confirmation Code E-mail...
The four letter confirmation code has been delivered.
Enter that code below and click "Check Code".

Your password must be at least four characters. The passwords do not match.
What do you want to print?
Golden tokens with redeemable codes for the number of s you specify.
Redeemable certificates for awards that are frequently handed out to participants. Each has a unique Certificate Code which a participant will enter at the shop to increase his or her balance.
Configure your Admission Certificate.
Admission Certificate Help...
Notes or Instructions:
Startup : (minimum 1)
Assign to Class?
Print redeemable award certificates for which goal?
Award Title
Enter Value.

per certificate:
Select which granted awards you would like to print certificates.
Place your custom image on the certificates.
What size certificates do you want to print?
Paper cutting guidelines:
How many pages of certificates would you like to print?

Warning! You have selected to print more certificates than the remaining quantity available () for this award. Unless you increase the total quantity of awards, participants will receive a message that this award is no longer being honored, and they will not be able to redeem the .
Confirm print settings and generate codes.

Printer Page Setup

Required Orientation:

Recommended Margins: 0"
Wizard Settings

Certificate Size:
Quarter Page

Certificates to Print: 4
Pages to Print: 1
After you've finished generating the codes, there are many
certificate Printing Tips you can read in the Admin.Token User Guide.

Token Rewards provides a certificate printing service. Please call (800) 926-9194 or email for details.
Warning! After clicking "Finish", the certificate codes will be generated. You will not be able to change the settings in the previous steps.
enter code at
Award Certificate
enter code at
---- ----
First time receiving a token?
Here's how to redeem your award.
  1. Visit and click the "New Account" button.
  2. Enter the code shown on the other side of this card.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password to finish creating your account.
Besides being awarded tokens like this one, we also directly award them into your account and email you when you receive more tokens.

Logging into

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* You may also enter your legacy User Code. Please configure your e-mail address in Settings->Admin Users after logging in.

We can call you (click "Talk By Phone"), you can call us, or you can send us a note in the area below. If your note is a question, or otherwise requires a response, please include information on who we should contact, and how, in your note.

online fax (800) 926-9194
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Order Notes:
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Total Amount Due:
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Enter any special instructions about this order here:
Items will be tagged and/or were sold to participants at the rate of = $1.

To help you stay on budget, the graph and shopping cart total include shipping and applicable taxes!
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Items in this cart will be tagged and/or sold to your participants at to $1.

You have the following Receiving Schedule of reoccuring shipments with Token Rewards:

If you would like the items currently in your cart to be shipped immediately, go ahead and proceed with checking out.

Otherwise, your current cart will automatically be submitted when we build your next order. The items in your current cart will be included along with any other items added later by you or your participants.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Shortly, items expertly selected to fulfill your Reward Store will appear. Click "Proceed to Checkout..." to have the order shipped immediately.

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