A specialized online token rewards store with smart shipping solutions. What is the eStore? Token Rewards eStore is our free customized online rewards area for your students to shop. Where Do Orders Ship? Clients can request their student orders purchased in the eStore ship to the program's main location or to individual student addresses. Either way, we make sure they arrive when you expect them. When Do Orders Ship? Orders can ship daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Just let us know what your program requires and we'll make it happen. Schools For student orders shipping to the school, we bag each individual student order and label it with the student's name. We then consolidate each classroom's orders into one box or bag. This way when everything arrives each classroom teacher receives their box or bag and easily distributes their students' orders when the time permits. Learning Centers For student orders shipping to a learning center, each student's order is placed in a bag and labeled with their name and shipped with SimpleStock orders. If student orders need to be organized or grouped, just let us know. Online Schools For student orders shipping to a student's home, just let us know your shipping schedule as to when to release student orders. Most orders will ship via USPS. If an order is a big one, we search for the best price between UPS, FEDex, and USPS. Other Programs We love to do any type of program where kids & teens are involved. Give us a call no matter the size or scope of your program. We're sure we can help.

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