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At Token Rewards, we offer a large variety of toys, crafts, sporting goods, electronics, new trends, and more. We keep prices low for immediate gratification and have some great high end items for the super savers.


All items we offer are safe, non-violent, non-offensive, as well as being school and parent approved. We also partner with high quality manufacturers so our clients' participants are receiving the best of the best.


For our rewards pricing, please give us a call today.


Note: We wish we could publicly show our prices here but that would take some of the fun away from program participants if they explore this part of our site.

Rewards for On-Site Stores


To see a sampling of our current and upcoming rewards being delivered to on-site store clients this month and next, please visit our Monthly Picks.


Price Range:  25 cents - $20

Variety:  Large

Categories:  Toys, Crafts, Sports, Electronics, New Trends, Room Decor, Novelties, and sometimes a Splash of Jewelry


On-Site Reward Store Service

To learn about our amazing time saving service for clients who have a reward store inside their location, visit our Service Solutions.

Rewards for Online Stores


Another area where our rewards can be viewed is at This is where participants with access to an online rewards store powered by Token Rewards go to purchase rewards with the tokens they've earned in their programs.


Price Range:  75 cents - $300

Variety:  HUGE

Categories:  Toys, Crafts, Sports, Electronics, New Trends, Room Decor, Novelties, Jewelry, Pet Supplies, School Supplies, Popular Retailer Gift Cards, Collegiate Pennants


Online Reward Store Service

To learn more about having your online reward store powered by Token Rewards, visit our Service Solutions.

Sample Online Reward Store Powered by Token Rewards

Note: Your program participants see your program's token prices.





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