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"Token Rewards saves me so much time and my store always looks great. The kids really love their rewards."

Ardella Patterson, Owner

Gideon Learning, Texas

Reward Store Service Solutions

Merchandise, Pricing & Fulfillment - We do it all!

Every reward program needs a store outlet to showcase rewards and depending on your program, you may want to choose an online store and/or an on-site store for participants to spend their earned tokens. In either case, our amazing services for both store outlets ensure your reward store is exciting, organized, and always full.

On-Site Reward Store Service

Online Reward Store Service

On-Site Reward Store Service



On-Site Store POS System!

With an on-site reward store merchandised by Token Rewards, participants are always presented with new choices on appropriate and exciting trends, electronics, toys, crafts, sports, and so much more!


Tell us how much you need and when you need it, your participant demographics, your price range, and your token value. With your information, we select the rewards we believe meet your requirements and tag each item with your program price.


We then ship your order to you and guarantee every item we send you sells.  All that's left for you to do is place the items in your store. You may also set up a fulfillment schedule for automatic deliveries to ensure your store is always looking its best.


To learn more about this amazing time saving service, give us a call today!  To see our variety and choices of rewards clients are receiving in their next shipment, visit our Monthly Specials.


About Our On-Site Reward Store Service


Online Reward Store Service

With an online reward store powered by Token Rewards' technology and fulfillment service, participants are always presented with new choices on appropriate and exciting rewards including trends, electronics, toys, crafts, sports, and more in a secure online environment!


We make it real easy for participants to see your program's token prices on all items showcased and how many tokens they have saved in their banks. When they do purchase something, we do the fulfillment and deliver their purchases to your specified location(s) such as a school, business, or their residence.


What could be more simple and fun for everyone? Call us today to learn how easy it is to implement and how little time it takes.


To see a preview of what our platform entails, visit our Tools area.

"My teachers love Token Rewards because it makes it very easy for them to frequently recognize their students."


Mike Palmer, Principal

Austintown Elem., Ohio

"This is an amazing company. Their customer service is the best and our online store is awesome. Students love it! Thank you!"


Meridith Sellers, Teacher

Reicher High, Texas





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