Online Reward Store
With our integrated online student rewards store, students get to shop for tons of fun rewards with the tokens you've awarded them through TokenTap.
How it all works.
After students sign in, they see your program name and your token prices on every reward. With their earned tokens only you award or deposit using our easy to use application at, they can shop on their own. We then ship their orders based on your desired schedule of delivery and to wherever you determine. 
We also make it real easy for students to contact us at any time if they have any questions. This way you're free to focus on other things in your program.

How Do Students Sign In at
Students log in with a unique code that you or we assign, or they can log in with their email address after you set them up as a participant in your program. If you have a large population, we can easily add all your students in one simple step. 

How Do Students Buy Items at
Students purchase rewards with their tokens, points, or stars you award them. They can not purchase more than what's in their token wallet. We then fulfill their orders and ship them to the destination you require and on a schedule you determine.

Store Features:
       Your token prices on every item.
       Your organization's name.
       Students easily see their token balance and award history.  
       Communications area to direct product and shipping questions to us.
       Tracking information and order status with each order for students and your team.
       Ability to add custom rewards you want to supply and award.
       Ability to embed into your domain.
Security Features:
       Purchases are limited to available tokens.
       No links to direct students outside of our site.
       No advertisements or data collection. 
       Conforms to all regulations of COPPA.
       All data is encrypted.
Fulfillment of Student Purchases:
       Student orders ship based on program's desired schedule.
       We can ship to one primary location for you to distribute.
       We can ship to residential addresses if desired.
       Whatever your shipping needs, just let us know.
Scope of Our Rewards:
       Price Range:  75 cents - $300
       Variety:  HUGE
       Categories:  Toys, Crafts, Sports, Electronics,
       New Trends, Room Decor, Novelties, Jewelry, 
       Pet Supplies, School Supplies,
       Popular Retailer Gift Cards, Collegiate Pennants, even Charities
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