Recognition & Rewards Program Application



Power Up Your Rewards Program with TokenTapTM


TokenTapTM, our complimentary program for you, provides a full solution for any motivational recognition and rewards program, large or small.  With the tools we've incorporated, you can customize any area of  your program.




Participants - add everyone in your program!

Tokens - paper or digital and all the denominations you desire!

Deposits - the more deposits you make the happier your participants are, so deposit away!

Wallets - every participant receives their own wallet!

Goals - individual and group goals!

Communications - whether it's communicating an award or new goal alert, let them know!

Custom Rewards - create and offer rewards unique to your program!





Online Store - select the rewards you want to display and the prices too!

Ledgers - view student balances and activity!

Reports - see who's awarding tokens and who isn't!



Some clients enjoy using all our features, some use just a few.  We leave it up to you to choose the tools that would best fit your program and we are always here to help in any way!




To see a demo, give us a call today. To try yourself, create a new account at and click on the button below.